Kirkdale's Glory

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Kirkdale's  Glory. 3rd August 1984.

3rd August 1984

The Lodge opened with the Deputy District Master Bro W. Green in the Worthy Masters Chair and the District Treasurer Bro J. James in the Deputy Chair. The election of officers saw Bro Joe James elected to Worthy Master Chair with Bro J. Greenwell occupying the Deputy Chair the lodge was re-opened with seven members. The following week the Lodge held a cabaret and disco night at the Netherfield Protestant Federation Club in Rose Vale, attended by the Grand Master Bro R.G. Roberts and other attending dignitaries which was a great success. In September of 1984 our first Junior member from J.L.O.L 38 Bro S. Hale was admitted as a member to the Lodge.

Kirkdale's Glory Band

During the following years the Lodge gained in membership and an interest was shown in forming a Flute Band under the name of Kirkdale's Glory Band, later known as the KGB!. In 1986 the band was granted a permit and the band master was Bro Joe James. Very many memorable times were had as band members, one particular funny incident happened on a Whit Monday parade to Sefton Park, the band was walking along Crown Street when a Junior noticed a piece of cotton dangling out of Bro. Joe James pocket, the Junior proceeded to tug at this piece of cotton and finally pulled it all the way from the pocket, It was not until we arrived at the park that Bro Joe James reached in his pocket to retrieve his false teeth, and yes you've guessed it instead of false teeth their was just a hole in the pocket, so on the way home everybody was on the look out for the lost teeth. The Band at one time had 30 members which was a boost to the Male, Female and Junior Lodges. Sadly to different circumstances the band finished in 1990.

The Lodge continued to expand and we worked closely with the Ladies and Junior Lodges. Bro D.L. Williams became the new Worthy Master in 1989 owing to working commitments of Bro Joe James. Sadly after a short illness Bro J. James passed away to higher service in 1993, we all miss him dearly and thank God for his strong witness to the Protestant Cause.

The Lodge Progressed in the following years recruting new members which we thought would be a benefit to No. 8. District and the Liverpool Province, but after a very hard struggle within the District over a period of 5 years, there was personality conflicts.


After an altercation on the 12th July 2000 when the W.M. was originally assaulted on parade by another member for simply playing a flute! and after a serious assault later that day, the W.M. resigned from the Institution the next day. The Worthy Master then received a letter charging him with unbecoming conduct of an Orangeman which was decided at a meeting in August 2000, and suspended him from the Lodge for two years and suspended him from taking office for ten years, this without being able to defend himself for his actions, consequently the members of the lodge resigned in support of the Worthy Master which were ignored by No.8 District, and the members were then suspended and the warrant lifted. We the ex-members of Kirkdale's Glory Lodge fully support our Worthy Master for the following reasons:-

1. The Worthy Master did not receive notification of any charge laid against him, and was not given the opportunity to answer any charges laid against him, and was therefore charged in his absence, which we feel after 45 years of service to the institution to be treated in this way is disgraceful.

2. An appeal by the W.M. to the Liverpool Province, over the charge was not answered, simply as they say because the W.M. did not attend the charge meeting!!!

3. We feel that there was, and still exists a personal vendatta against the Lodge, W.M. and other members of No. 8. District, which needs to be addressed by the Liverpool Province.

Here We stand we can do no other.

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Kirkdale's Glory Lodge L.O.L 113

12th July 2000

Ex-Members Of Kirkdale's Glory

12th July 2002


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Ex-Members Of Kirkdale's Glory

12th July 2003

Fred Williams & George Thorpe 12th July 2004 David Williams Jnr 12th July 2004
Billy Lennon 12th July 2004 Billy McGregor 12th July 2004
William Hughes & Dave Williams 12th July 2004

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